Why the Wolds?

An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty protected for future generations

The Wolds are nationally recognised area of outstanding countryside, they explode the idea of Lincolnshire being flat, having rolling hills and hidden valleys, gentle streams and nestling villages. The name ‘Wold’ deriving from the old English word ‘Wald’ meaning wooded valley.

The Wolds are a living, working landscape, with woodland, grassland and abandoned chalk pits providing important habitats for rare flowers and wildlife.

Our mission

To promote the Lincolnshire Wolds and it's importance to the area through beekeeping.

Our vision

For local Lincolnshire Wolds stakeholders to collaborate as a community to protect the Wolds.

Who we endorse

The Beekeepers of the Lincolnshire Wolds endorse the following groups...

The Wolds Outdoor Festival

Explore Lincolnshire's Great Outdoors

Lincolnshire Wolds National Landscape

An Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Alford Craft Market

The UK's longest running craft market


The British Beekeepers Association